Valentines Day 5K Race Report

Today was the Valentine’s Day 5K. I’d registered for this race as part of a series months ago, but when I got injured during the RNRAz race last month, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to run. Last week my PT started letting me prepare. I ran a mile last Saturday and two miles on Wednesday. He told me I was ok to run this race, and we’d use it as a barometer to see if I was ready to go back to contact for derby.
I was honestly nervous as I woke up: were my hamstrings ok? How was I going to feel? As I headed to the race I told myself I’d be very happy if I could do eight minute miles.
It was a gorgeous day, and I ran in a (cotton!) tshirt, capris and derby skinz (we were supposed to be promoting). I was using the Portapotty right before the race and ran to the start at a good clip as a warmup. I lined up reasonably close to the start, feeling good. I hit my watch as I went through the start line, though I noted with some dismay there was no timing mat. Some races only put a mat at the end, and consider everyone to have started at gun time.

M1: 6:48 / avgHR 149

I was a bit surprised by the pace, but not totally. I knew I felt strong. I knew that my form was better and stronger because of physical therapy. My glutes and lower back helped my efforts.

M2: 6:35 / AvgHR 186

During mile two I reflected on my nutrition. I’ve been eating good clean food, food my body can easily use for fuel. Eliminating junk calories or sugars my body just needs to work on flushing out meant my body was able to be focused on the task at hand.

M3: 6:45 / avgHR 190

I won’t deny it, mile 3 was tough. I definitely thought “I haven’t run this far in a month”. I was pushing myself, but I had the will and skill to do so. I was surprised when a few times I’d catch up with and pass other women in these later stages. I was struggling myself, but I was just able to push a bit harder. Frida said something about how I hadn’t trained for this, but as I pushed through muscle- and some mental fatigue, I knew I had been doing some preparation: I call it Bootcamp. Often we do short sets at high intensity. With the various single leg squats and lunges, I’ve been working on that explosive power (even when tired).

.1: 6:10pace / avg HR 193

I can’t believe I was able to push at the end, but I did and it was glorious.

My watch gave a final time of 21:09. I knew my pr pace was 7:05 so I got in my mind I’d missed it by a few seconds. However, then I thought about it to realize my math didn’t add up. I checked my blog and sure enough, my old Pr was 21:53, set back in 2007!

Eventually the official results came in, and they gave me a 21:16, a 6:52 pace. That’s a 12sec per mile improvement off my PR!

All in all I felt great running, during and after. My bursa is a little swollen today, so I’m icing now. I’m hoping the PT will ok me for contact and I can move forward stronger and better after my injury.

I could write more but the length of the day is causing me to nearly fall asleep mid-sentence. Suffice to say, I think today was a huge turning point for me as a runner 🙂

overall place: 33 out of 514
division place: 1 out of 120
gender place: 8 out of 319
time: 21:16
pace: 6:52

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