Tracking – day 24

They say it takes three weeks for something to become a habit, and I’d say I’m there.

I was tired and a bit sore this morning after all my physical activity yesterday, but it was my day to go for a run! I did two miles in just over 17min, which would have been completely respectable anytime. When I got back home, I ate a healthy breakfast (Ezekiel cereal, Greek yogurt, hemp seed) and steamed some carrots to bring for lunch.
I enjoyed snacks through the day: some fruit and almonds. I had two good meals: the last of my garbanzo stew with brown rice, and tuna on a whole wheat pitette. (oh, and lentil chips and green pea guac). I did treat myself to a tall non-fat starbucks chai. I’m generally a grande girl but this was an attempt to satisfy that craving.

After work I wanted to swing by the gym, but I didn’t have time before an evening meeting. (edamame and chef salad with the creamiest “vinaigrette” dressing I’ve ever seen!) Instead I hammered out my pt exercises. They’re fine, but I have a lot of energy these days and really wanted a good workout. I have pt in the morning tomorrow and then imagine I’ll hit up bootcamp again after work.

On Sunday at Whole Foods i told two friends about the merits of hemp seed, and both bought some. I was really pleased today when both reported they really enjoyed it and were going to adopt it into their diet 🙂 I think it’s a great protein source and I’m excited for others to see so as well.

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