Tracking – day 19

Ezekiel cereal with kefir and hemp seed
Dirty skinny chai
A few gu chomps
Amazing meal
Vegn vibrancy bar
Skinny chai
Dried apricots
Eggplant, tomato, cheese panini

Today I ran a mile! I was pretty self-aware and everything felt good! Granted, at the marathon it didn’t hurt til mile 7… I also rode on the trainer for a bit.
I’m hoping to get back to the gym next week; my arms and shoulders felt great after last time and I want to keep it up.

It was a cold day in ole Denver, and I had two Starbucks chais. By the evening my stomach was sore and extremely bloated by bedtime. I wonder if it was milk-related? I’ve never been much of a milk-drinker… The lactose in greek yogurt is lower than in milk, which may be why I stomach it better?
Or, it not be related to that at all. I just like to speculate..

Weight: 112.2

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