Tracking – day 18

Oatmeal with almond butter and hemp seed
Burrito bowl: Rice, pesto, lettuce, guac, corn salsa, black beans
Muenster cheese
Amazing meal
Carrot cake clif bar
Brown rice, asparagus, cottage cheese

This morning I got up and did abs before going to PT. He said I can run a mile this weekend to start getting back on track 🙂 then after work I headed to Davis Fitness Training Camp . I bought a one-month pass there through LivingSocial and I figured when I’m not deep into mileage was a good time to try it out. They offer workouts M-F, the first is at 6:30am and the last is at 6:30pm. They run about 45 min long. I went tonight, and really enjoyed it! We did a brief ab workout, then did a circuit of: run, sandbag run, walking lunges, jumprope, malligator pushups (three mountain climbers, then a pushup). We did each for a minute, then had a minute rest. We went through 5 times, with the last time replacing the malligators with burpees. I really enjoyed the workout. I started the sandbag run with a 30lb bag (he told the women to grab 30s, the men to grab 45s) and by the end of it I was lugging a 45lber. It was definitely a great workout, very intense. We were done before 7:15, which was a great barometer for me to know I can try to hit up the morning classes and have time to run home before work.

Weight: 110.6

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