Tracking – day 17

Amazing meal Drink
Spelt muffin with Greek yogurt
Oatmeal with almond butter and hemp seed
Greek yogurt with blueberries and hemp seed
Chicken pho (I’m not a vegetarian but felt like I was “cheating” with this)
Hummus, falafel, veggie salad, tabbouleh, egg, whole wheat pita

Did wii active this morning and PT exercises tonight. I feel slobby and realllly miss hard cardio. (although my arms and shoulders feel like I have some improvement there). I’m hoping the PT clears me to run this weekend. I’ve biked the past few weekends but we got a big dump of snow this week and I’m not sure if it’ll be an option.

Bad food day! I was acutely aware of how bad the falafel probably was for me.

Weight: 110.6 (I bet this will change tomorrow!)

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