Tracking – day 15

Ezekiel cereal with kefir, hemp seed, blueberries
Spelt muffin with Greek yogurt
Black bean vegetarian soup
Brussel sprouts
Oatmeal with almond butter, hemp seed
Protein shake (frutein with milk)
Perfect foods bar
Deviled egg (made with yogurt, not mayo)

Today I did wii active, went to pt, lead league derby practice and attended bruising practice. I’m aware that my skating is exacerbating my crazy leg angle; will have to figure that out.
The biggest news is that my PT said “you haven’t asked me when you can start running again”. He said maybe this weekend!

One of my teammates brought cupcakes to practice.. It was a long night and I was terribly tempted, but I resisted!

Weight: 110.6

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