Strength training

When I first moved to Columbus I frequented the gym quite, um, frequently, and enjoyed working with weights. As I got more into running, however, I spent less time at it. I dabble a bit but never really felt much from it. Then going to Better Bodies with Frida last week really got me motivated again: she encouraged me to push beyond the silly light weights I’ve been using for years. And lo and behold, heavier weights denote more effort, which results in more adrenaline and results, and more enjoyment! So today I hit up the gym in the complex to work on arms and shoulders (what we did the other day), and now I’m browsing to figure out what else I can do.

Confession: they have a widget you can download to show exercises. That’s what prompted this post.

I bought a kettlebell a loooong time ago, I think I’ve used in once. Guess what I’m going to do when I stop writing this??

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