Peanut Butter Chickpea and Yogurt Breakfast Bars

Next weekend I’m headed up to Washington state for a roller derby tournament, and I’ll admit I’m nervous. Not about the skating (though of course I am), but about the eating! Have you seen how much I’m eating every day? And how frequently? Although I managed to do all right when I was out of town for a day earlier this week, I’m not sure how I’ll manage a long weekend packed with activity.

So with that in mind, I tried a few more bar recipes tonight. I’d rather bring along bars I made than expensive sugar-laden ones.

The first was the no-bake chickpea granola bar recipe that I found a few weeks back on No Meat Athlete. Of course, I modified it a bit:
1 can of chickpeas, rinsed and drained
2 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp sucanat or natural sugar
1 1/2 cup oatmeal
1 cup whole grain cereal (like brown rice krispies)
1 cup dried fruit
1/2 cup natural peanut butter
1/4 cup honey
3 tbs canola oil
1 tbs ground flax seed

I swapped molasses for the sucanat, used Flax Plus cereal for the cereal, added a few tablespoons of hemp protein powder, used agave for the honey, freeze-dried strawberries for the dried fruit, and unsweetened applesauce in place of the oil. I haven’t tried them yet, but they smell fantastic (and don’t look like poop!)

The second was Cranberry vanilla no-bake breakfast bars. Again, some changes:
* 4 1/2 cups OATMEAL
* 3/4 cup PROTEIN POWDER (non flavored or vanilla)
* 1 1/2 cup GREEK YOGURT (plain)
* 1 Tbl STEVIA
I used my freeze dried strawberries in place of the cranberries, yogurt cheese instead of greek yogurt, and unsweetened applesauce in place of the stevia. I also threw in some wheat germ for good measure. I don’t have as high hopes for this one, the consistency seemed off and it does sorta look like poop. But, I’ll hold out for the taste test.

It was actually really nice to have the evening at home to make these. I also tried my hand at homemade hummus, which would be easier with a real food processor instead of a hand mixer. Still, it tasted all right.

EDIT: As suspected, the pb chickpea bars were delicious! Nice and substantive, and the chickpeas added a lot texture-wise. The yogurt bars were not so good. Pretty dry and bland.

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  • Larabars … those have no sugar at all … just fruit and nuts. They are a go-to for me when I am on the road.

    Also … I see you eat Amazing Meal. I take those packets with me and some soymilk individual cartons (or juice) and mix that to eat as well.

    Last time I went to a conference in Seattle … I took those Justin’s peanut butter packets and apples. I ate that for breakfast every day with raisins.

  • No, they still look like poop. But they taste good.

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