Healthy Banana Bread?

Remember when this blog used to be about running? Yeah… I have nothing to say about that :-/

Today’s culinary adventure was “healthy banana bread”. As I’ve been trying to buy a lot more fresh fruit, I don’t get to all of it in time so I needed to do something with my over-ripe bananas. I found this clean eating banana bread recipe and decided to give it a try. It’s actually nice that I’m actually cultivating a kitchen that HAS the ingredients in it!

I used all spelt flour, tripled the cinnamon, added a quarter cup of dried hazelnuts and some wheat germ. I know in some baking recipes I’ve seen, applesauce has been added for sweetening. Since I obviously won’t be slathering this with butter, I wonder how that would have turned out.

Since I was in the kitchen this morning anyway, I decided to make coffee for the first time in weeks. Bigger news is that I threw out my sweetened ‘hazelnut’ creamer and just used almondmilk as creamer. It doesn’t taste or look as good, but I’ve decided I don’t need that jolt of sugar in my caffeine to start the day.

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