Tracking – day 14

Oatmeal, almond butter, hemp seed
Tofu, brown rice, acorn squash
Chai tea
Hummus with whole wheat crackers
Spelt muffin (made with kefir, almond butter and cinnamon) with Greek yogurt
Brussel sprouts
Tbsp blackstrap molasses

Today I was really tired and had lots of cravings. Finally at 5 it hit me, I’m affected by changes in barometric pressure. Usually I get wicked headaches, a little sleepiness and a craving for chocolate ain’t too bad! While I start to get headache around 10:30pm, it wasn’t near as debilitating as normal.

Tonight’s culinary adventure was spelt muffins. I’m not really clear on what flour is good and my inner carboholic was calling out, so I made my own muffins! I used kefir in place of milk, since I didn’t have any milk in the house. They actually turned out all right!

The other day I bought a rice cooker-slash-steamer, which is why every dinner lately has included some steamed veggies. Super simple and tasty.

I started the day with some good work on my arms, and a little on my back. I typically haven’t done much backwork, but I suspect it could help me with my sore shoulders and neck.

Weight: 110.6

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