Tracking – day 13

Weight: 109.3. Whoa. I should just stop weighing myself bc I think this is wrong.

Oatmeal with wheatgerm, hemp seed, almond butter and blueberries.
Amazing meal
Hummus, pita and veggies
Peppermint tea
2 Oranges
3 chips 🙂 and guacamole
Roasted salmon, brown rice, steamed spinach, tomatoes

Today we had “joint travel team” practice. I skated hard where I could and did my PT exercises when I couldn’t 🙂 I was a bit sore from yesterday’s working out, but I see it as progress! We had practice til 2 and a meeting at 4 so some of us went to a nearby bar/grill for dinner. Unlike last time when I really wanted nachos, this time I was craving something healthy (the hummus was as good as it got!)
Tonight I made a good dinner (so far this food prep is still a novelty) And then around 11 I realized I hadn’t done my wii active workout! Since there are only 20 workouts in the whole program, I didn’t want to miss one, so at 11 I started in on jump lunges and squats.

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