Barr Trail Mountain Race

Before we started running on Sunday, Matt announced that registration for the Barr Trail Mountain Race was opening the next day. It’s a cheap race: registration was $15 from 2-4am the first day of registration, then $30 until the race filled after that. Sure, it’s cheap, but I didn’t know what the race was, so I dismissed it.

As I started running with Mike and James, they asked if I was planning to run the race. It turns out that the run we did on Sunday was actually basically the race, with a few extra miles tacked on between the park (where our cars were) and the start of the trail.

As I’m sure is obvious from my run report, I really enjoyed the trail. So, what do you think I did today?

Yes, I registered for the Barr Trail Mountain Race. July 12th, 7am. (ew! 7am? I didn’t check that first…)

When I first looked at the race site, I noted the 3.5 hr cutoff. However, the race is estimated at 12.575 miles, and our ‘run’ the other day included an extra 2.5 miles, a snickers break and some sightseeing!

Next week the Incline club is doing the Barr Camp run again, and I’m sorry I’ll miss it. I am looking forward to getting to know this trail well, so when August 16th rolls around, I’ll be ready!

Note: The course description page on the website has some great photos from the course, so you can see what I ran yesterday.

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