Steamtown, take 2

A week after the marathon, I owe my readers a race report!

I was following the Pfitzinger 55/12 plan again this year, but had a few speedbumps along the way. Messing up my weeks and running 17 miles on the date of what was supposed to be my last 20 miler threw me, and then I raced what turned out to be a half marathon the week before the race. It actually made me feel good and confident and fast, but I wasn’t sure exactly what would happen on race day.

I picked up Helen Saturday morning for our longest road trip thus far, and we stopped at the Starbucks Brian, Bridget and I stopped at when we drove out to Chicago last year. We made decent time to Scranton, only stopping twice for food/potty breaks. I think it was en route to South Bend a few years ago that we first stopped at Mickey D’s on the way to a race, so we continued that tradition. Why we think that’s good pre-race food is beyond me 🙂

We arrived in Scranton and made our way to the Expo. We were given sunglasses and a fancy bag, and ensured our chips were configured correctly. We headed out to our hotel to meet up with PR Paul. Eventually we headed out to meet Doug and Lisa, and and some of her friends for dinner. It was decent, although they didnt give us a large enough table and the food was slow. Eventually, tired and full, we headed home.

Ok, so this was marathon #13, and I have a long standing tradition of pinning on my race number and getting everything ready the night before. For some reason, I didnt think there was really anything to prepare, so I didnt worry about it.

Morning came quickly, but even moreso for Paul, who was showered and changed before Helen and I even awoke. We got ready, the marathon toaster made an appearance, and then I noticed Helen putting her chip on her shoe. I remarked that if I hadn’t seen her, I likely would have forgotten.. and then I went to grab my chip… chip? … chip?

we were set to meet Doug and Elyssa at the bus loading area in not too long, but I ran out to my car to see if the chip was there. Nothing. Emptied my travel bag. Nothing. So I made a check out for $35 (the replacement fee for a chip) and hoped for the best.

The weather had been threatening to be warm

Awhile back I had scaled back my target of 3:23:00 (NYCM qualification – a 7:45 pace)to 3:25, but I never actually worked out what that pace was.

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