For two years, I worked as the lead designer/developer for Common Sense Solutions, designing websites for small businesses. Here are some of the words of praise I received for my work.

“Love it! Love it! Love it! The front page looks fabulous - not just good, not just OK, but fabulous - what a great job!!! It looks dynamic, full of energy and at the same time tells a picture story of what Reflexology is! I am very happy with it…oh and by the way did I mention that I love the new front page collage?”
- Lauren Slade, Universal College of Reflexology

“I'm a happy camper, the web site looks great! As does the newsletter!”
- J.C.Short, Accident Investigation Solutions

"I love the work you’ve done on many sites, such as ebusinesstutor, edmontonseminars, cker community calendar, jcshort and many others."
- Garland Coulson, owner of Common Sense Solutions/former supervisor

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