You Can’t Hurt Coke’s Feelings

As organizations increasingly turn to social media to engage with (or broadcast to) their audience, the etiquette for setting up a corporate account needs to be considered.

Frequently, an organization will set up a company-branded Twitter account, complete with a corporate logo as the avatar and devoid of any sense of personality. This seems “safer”, more like the sterile press releases they’re used to sending out. As well, by not tying it to an individual, there is less risk of that person moving on with all the brand equity and relationships they’ve established.

But here’s a secret, and the reason why you need to break away from what’s comfortable to be successful in social media.

You can’t hurt coke’s feelings. You also can’t get that grin of satisfaction when Coke turns to you for advice and tells you you’re a lifesaver. Despite what those big agencies will tell you, people can’t truly forge relationships with brands. So when I’m trimming my followers list because I can’t keep up, I may hesitate to unfollow @GibranX, who I met at a conference in November, but I wouldn’t worry about offending @CocaCola.

Beyond offering value, offer personality. It’s the real thing.

One thought on “You Can’t Hurt Coke’s Feelings

  • Depends how you define brand relations. Your blog is powered by WordPress, whose name I see at the bottom of every post. Even if you delete that footer, wordpress is still mentioned in your source code. It may be different from drinking a bottle of Coke every month for 10 years, but it’s still brand relations.

    Will WordPress care if you leave them for Squarepants or Posterous? No.
    Will Coke care if you vacate that 10-year purchasing history for Pepsi? No.
    But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a relationship.
    .-= Ari HerzogĀ“s last blog post ..How to Enhance Your Blog Comment: Be Quick and Current =-.

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