Why Should I Fan Your Brand?

The other day I ‘fanned’ Heartless Wheels on Facebook.

Heartless Wheels are a specific type of wheel used for roller derby; they are narrower and lighter than other types of quad wheels like Atom or Radar Wheels. Some of my fellow skaters use Heartless Wheels, but I don’t. So when I fanned them, one of my Facebook friends asked me why.

Yesterday, Heartless announced, via their Facebook page, a contest to win a free set of wheels. Now my friend understands.

For all extents and purposes, I’m not a brand advocate for Heartless. They don’t have a single cent of my hard-earned money. But that could change if handled correctly. Obviously, winning a contest is going to make me a true advocate for their brand.

Introducing me to their products in a non-pushy way can also get me there. Lululemon does a great job at featuring their products on their Facebook page. Got questions about a product? Ask it here and they will respond back. This is super for a brand where people may not be able to “try something on/out” before buying. Dedicated administrators can answer questions or encourage discussion, or eventually the passionate community can entertain itself.

Too often in social media, we concentrate on what we want to have happen (generate fans, comments, and ultimately sales) without considering what our target audience wants. How can we help them achieve their goals, and then how does that translate into our own? What will encourage them to fan us, and then to continue to be engaged, and eventually perform some action beyond hitting “become a fan”?

(Incidentally: an article on Inside Facebook outlines the policy regarding requiring individuals to become fans in order to enter contests on Facebook. Definitely worth a read if you’re planning on creating a contest on the page itself.)