Web Accessibility Acronyms – Slides

As promised, here are the slides I presented at the Spring <br /> conference on Tuesday.

Web Accessibility Acronyms was the first presentation of the breakout sessions, right after the morning keynote. I felt a bit nervous as I set up, but the proctor helping out was very nice and we chatted away before I started, which lightened the mood.

Overall I think it went quite well – the night before I’d rearranged my slides and things didn’t flow well, so I did some shuffling back and forth mid-stream. As well, I was asked if I could increase the contrast on the slides – the template we’d been given was black on blue and was difficult to see. Even the little technical glitch almost seemed to fit, as I later could talk about the color contrast ratios that are in WCAG2.0. Foreground and background colors can be analyzed to ensure there is sufficient contrast. Whoops, guess I would have failed!

It was good to have folks in the audience asking questions. Someone did have a comment about flash being inaccessible, and I hedged a little, since that was a major point in my presentation to come later in the day. I think I lost him after that, at one point he looked to be reading a book!
Even though it certainly wasn’t to a group of 75 (as I had been warned about), I was happy with how the speech went. Through the rest of the day, I had a few people stopping me to ask questions, which I was glad to answer. I felt it was pretty well received.

I do feel bad for the rough nature of these slides, in particular the lack of citations. Mea culpa.

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