What’d I Miss? Top findings from 12-01 to 12-07

  1. During the Great Thesis Black Friday Sale of 2008, I purchased a developer’s licence for the thesis blog theme. I transitioned “Go the Distance” (my running blog) to thesis, and am working on some other projects as well. It’s been been interesting to learn the ‘best practices’ for customizing this powerful theme, and one of my first finds was a tutorial by Sugarrea, entitled “Thesis Tutorial – Hooks For Dummies. The tips she gives are quite basic, but they helped to lay the foundation I can use to make further mods.
  2. In doing some research for an upcoming presentation on social media and emergency preparation, I came across an article from the Chronicle of Higher Education about using Facebook and MySpace to engage with college students during emergencies. Many colleges already have one-way systems to reach students at critical times, but this idea opens up the lines of communication so that students can contribute, AND it uses a platform the youth already use. Brillant!
  3. Does the image to the right look familiar? A little like tweetdeck, perhaps? Surprise, it’s browser-based PeopleBrowsr, currently in alpha. PeopleBrowsr pulls in your contacts from numerous services (twitter, linkedIn, friendfeed, youtube, flickr, seesmic and more) and allows you to monitor all their goings-on. I’ll admit, I liked the ability to view contacts through larger versions of their avatars; it was actually enjoyable to look at my followers and check in on their activities.
  4. Fellow Canadian Joel Kelly reminds us all that Social Media is NOT its Networks. Yes, it’s great that people are starting to realize the potential of social media. Yet for many folks, social media refers to specific sites or services (focusing on tactics rather than strategy). Joel states it clearly:

    In the phrase Social Media, “social” is the keyword. The media is interchangeable.

  5. Avinash Kaushik posts some great career advice for folks in the web analytics field: Analytics Career Advice:”I am an Analytics God, I want more $$. How?”. Although analytics aren’t my strong suit, the article calls out some significant considerations for anyone working in a technical role: is your future more technical or business-oriented? Do you want to be an individual contributor or team leader? He then calls out the advancement opportunities based on those criteria.

3 thoughts on “What’d I Miss? Top findings from 12-01 to 12-07

  • I purchased Thesis and to tell you the truth I was a bit disappointed. Perhaps I let all the hype build up my expectations, but I found that it doesn’t do all it was supposed to do, just out of the box, without a whole lot of tweaking and playing with hooks. What the hell is hooks anyway, something more for this old brain has to get a handle on?

    I sort of figured it would be more plug and play, sort of like me current blog theme. Still seeing as how I paid for it I am using it on my BS blog. Perhaps once I get the time to learn ‘hooks’ I will buy the developers license.

    Sire’s last blog post..Can You See The Human Apparition In This Splash Of Water

    • That’s a great point: Thesis is like a theme for developers.. I think alot of what it offers is “under the hood” and most folks wouldn’t appreciate it much.

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