Is there such a thing as too many comments?

Recently I was reading a blog post that sparked a thought in me. I felt compelled to comment; and honestly, this isn’t that frequent a response in me. So I started scrolling down to the comment section… and scrolled, and scrolled.. and scrolled. The entry box to leave a comment was at the bottom of the form, below 81 comments left by others.

Because I had to scroll through the comments to leave my own, I started reading some of them. I got to perhaps the 10th comment before I started to get distracted from the initial response I wanted to leave. Yet, I felt compelled to keep reading the comments to ensure I wasn’t going to simply be echoing something someone else had left.

Have you experienced the same? Do you sometimes find that too many comments causes you to leave silently? (This may or may not be somewhat related to a blog post written by Sire: Why I No Longer Link to the Likes of Problogger and John Chow. Once a blog hits critical mass, do you worry you have nothing more to offer?)

4 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as too many comments?

  • Hmm, that’s a great strategy: not to get derailed from your initial thought, and then to go back and contribute to the ‘conversation’. thanks!

  • Interesting post.
    Certainly lots-of-comments isn’t necessarily a good thing. Often (not always) where you read a post with lots of comments, the comments really don’t contain much substance. Not much thought has gone into them. And that puts me off commenting.
    Also, how often are lots-of-comments posts designed just to get lots of attention. When they should be focusing on quality (relevancy) of audience as opposed to quantity of audience. Focusing more on the tribe (as Seth Godin puts it) than sheer number of hits.

  • Thanks for the linkluv Andrea.

    Like Ari, if there is a lot of comments I go straight to the comment box so as to not influence my reply. I reckon if you the post had inspired you to leave a comment then you should regardless of how many comments are there, especially if it’s on my blog šŸ˜‰
    .-= SireĀ“s last blog ..The Best Way To Do Weekly Roundup Posts =-.

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