The OPEN Imperative

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be spending the next two days at the iCitizen Client Symposium in Columbus, OH. I’ll be manning a table at the social media cafe dedicated to lifestreaming and blogging. I’m pretty excited about the symposium on the whole, as well as my part in it. In preparation for the discussions we’ll be having, I’ve been forced to rethink my own online activities and personas, and consider the implications for individuals not yet entrenched in all that is “web”, as well as for brands looking to use this channel to forge and further establish relationships.

There will be some official live blogging, and I’m sure other posts will show up from attendees. Again, we have an official twitter stream and there’s already been plenty other buzz in the tweetosphere.

Naturally, I’ll do my best to post as I find time, although I anticipate it will be a busy few days! Love it!