The end of an era

In addition to this blog, I’ve maintained one related to running at for several years (my oldest listed post is my review of my first marathon in October 2004). Livejournal was a great platform at the time – it incorporated a notion of friending that is still more robust than what most social networking sites currently offer. However, it also has its limitations. I was a paid member for awhile, so I am acutely aware of the features I currently don’t have access to. As well, many of the running blogs I read are not on the livejournal platform, so the privacy rules don’t really apply (not to mention, I don’t really have any need to set any posts to anything but “public”).

A few weeks back I had an email exchange with Melanie McBride, who also works in new media and is a runner. We were discussing what we posted to our twitter accounts, how we managed those two different aspects of our personalities and interests. At that time I was using my twitter account exclusively for work and technology purposes. More recently, however, in a bit of a social experiment for work, I’ve been looking at redefining myself online. My “new” (temporary) profile is a summary view, so it combines the different aspects of me. And I actually like it! My running journal posts themselves (with the exception of race reports) are generally shorter than those on this blog. They seem perhaps better suited to microblogging. As well, I’ve run into several limitations on livejournal in terms of not being able to add certain widgets (my logyourrun stats) to my sidebar. By hosting my own journal, I’ll be able to add and modify at will.
The final straw was a question I had this morning about multiple twitter accounts. I hadn’t really considered doing so, since I figured the ability to post to either would be challenging to manage (this is something I’m grappling with now with my work experiment). However, it appears that the twhirl AIR app already manages this, and a survey by Techcrunch France found that 53% of the folks surveyed had multiple accounts. A silly tipping point, but it is one nonetheless.

And so I introduce: Go the Distance, at I’ve ported over all my LJ posts (losing the tags in the process), and things are ready to go!