Bot or Not? Twitblock identifies potential twitter spam accounts

In late July, Tim Whitlock released a new application called “Twitblock“. Twitblock assigns twitter accounts a “spaminess” score based on a number of different factors. The service is still in alpha and Tim is still tweaking the weightings, but he has posted a block post explaining the twitblock spam ratings. The service allows users to[…]

Technology and Social Media at NTC

Earlier this week I attended at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco, CA. As a technologist, I attend several conferences a year (in the past 6 months, I’ve attended the Thin Air Summit, Web Directions North, WordCamp Denver, South By Southwest, and now NTC.) The use of social media and technology at these conferences[…]

Full disclosure and personal branding

The other week I was presenting a social media bootcamp to a group, and we set up a twitter account. I offered the suggestion that members create a twitter screen name that was a combination of their name and their organization, and one member asked about how people in the past used to use less-personally-identifying[…]

The Twitter feature I’d pay money for (Twitter, Tweetdeck, are you listening?)

Everyone has an opinion on how twitter can make money, some more creative than others. Twitter could choose to compel existing members to pay just by virtue of the role it now plays in personal and business communications, or they could add premium features. Why yes, I do have one particular feature request in mind…

what’s the deal with… #hashtags on twitter?

I am starting a new section on my blog, called “what’s the deal with…”. Recently I’ve found a need to preface most of my discussions by setting expectations about semantics. Moving forward, I will be sharing some of my thoughts/opinions/insights on various buzzwords, trends or topics. Twitter is steadily gaining in popularity, despite its lack[…]

The Power of One. Gazillion. (or, uh guys, maybe we DID help take twitter down…)

As I mentioned, last week was the iCitizen client symposium, held by my employer, Resource Interactive. We had a social media cafe dedicated to showing attendees the power of social media and in particular, some of the most popular tools and services out there. We had an official live blogger and twitter stream, as well[…]

Lifestreaming at iCitizen

On May 20 and 21st, I was working at the “lifestreaming/blogging” station at the social media cafe at the iCitizen conference. The conference itself had the standard speakers and panels, and the cafe was a supplementary opportunity for conference delegates to learn more about, well, social media. There were four stations: “lifestreaming/blogging”, “community conversations”, “new[…]