Google Friend Connect – first (premature) thoughts

My thoughts are premature, because I haven’t actually seen Google Friend Connect (GFC; can I call it GFC?) in action, I’ve only seen the few screenshots that google has released. That being said, I thought I’d respond to my impressions or understandings of the service, before seeing what it really is. That way if I’m[…]

Google Does The Open Brand

Resource’s Love Triangle = Google Friend Connect Sign-in (OpenId) = consumer Friends (OAuth) = community Apps (OpenSocial) = brands The consumer and the community exist, and there is some infrastructure available to support what they wish to accomplish. OpenId and OAuth are examples of how we are aware of user needs for data portability as[…]


We at Resource have been educated in the concepts pertaining to The Open Brand for months now. One of the premises in the book is that there are four different types of “iCitizens”, divided based on their motivations behind their online activities. We’d done some internal activities involving self-assigning ourselves to one group or another,[…]