Social Media is not Web 2.0. Or Web 3.0.

No one talks about Web 2.0 anymore. This may be because we now talk about social media, and at first blush, we may assume the terms are interchangeable. Sure, Web 2.0 was a great term to use to describe the evolution of Websites: from ‘Web 1.0’, when we went online to read, and ‘Web 2.0’[…]

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!

A few months ago at Web Directions North, I met a representative from Peachpit Press. He offered me free books, which I of course accepted. As you can see, he was also kind enough to provide me with a number of books to give away: 2 copies of “Designing for the Social Web” by Joshua[…]

Social Media Mullets

Over at the Marketing Tech Blog, Douglas Karr just posted a to-be-classic post entitled You Know You’re a Smippy When…. According to Doug, a Smippy is a social media hippy, someone who believes that “bloggers write their blog posts graciously from the goodness of their heart.”, and “outsourcing your company blog is some violation of[…]

So much for an open presidency

Much has already been written about the importance of the use of technology in the U.S. election. has been applauded as an important nod to the importance of engaging with people, yet has still received some criticisms about how open it really is. Still, it is a fantastic indicator of the effectiveness of technology[…]

SEO is dead, long live Social Media?

Yesterday at the Thin Air Summit, I attended a panel entitled “Search Engine Optimization with New Media.” Panelists were Brett Borders, Elizabeth Yarnell and John Fischer, and the session was moderated by Micah Baldwin. The presentation consisted of a slide overview by Brett, some general recommendations by the other panelists, and then a few brave[…]

Lifestreaming at iCitizen

On May 20 and 21st, I was working at the “lifestreaming/blogging” station at the social media cafe at the iCitizen conference. The conference itself had the standard speakers and panels, and the cafe was a supplementary opportunity for conference delegates to learn more about, well, social media. There were four stations: “lifestreaming/blogging”, “community conversations”, “new[…]

Google Friend Connect – first (premature) thoughts

My thoughts are premature, because I haven’t actually seen Google Friend Connect (GFC; can I call it GFC?) in action, I’ve only seen the few screenshots that google has released. That being said, I thought I’d respond to my impressions or understandings of the service, before seeing what it really is. That way if I’m[…]