Facebook should take a page from Livejournal’s book on privacy settings

The first blog platform I used was Livejournal, back in 1999. One of the greatest benefits of LJ over Blogspot at that time was the rich community aspect: I loved how they handled “friending” and content permission. A decade later as I struggle with Facebook privacy settings, I find myself longing for the good old[…]

PhotoFinder – What are your Facebook photos telling about you?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the new PhotoFinder Facebook application by Face.com is saying an awful lot about you. Photofinder will find photographs of your friends all across Facebook, and even make guesses if a given photograph isn’t actually tagged. Had no idea your mild-mannered coworker was a hardcore partier? You may[…]

Core Conversations at SxSW

Sessions at the South By SouthWest conference are classified as keynotes, solo presentations, panels, core conversations, book reading, or trade show events. In my initial planning of sessions to attend, I shied away from the Core Conversations, as I worried that the non-structured format would not offer the insights as more planned sessions. As it[…]

So much for an open presidency

Much has already been written about the importance of the use of technology in the U.S. election. Change.gov has been applauded as an important nod to the importance of engaging with people, yet has still received some criticisms about how open it really is. Still, it is a fantastic indicator of the effectiveness of technology[…]

{CrypticSN} wants to be your friend

Today I received a spam-like email: from {CrypticSN@gmail.com}{CrypticSN} invited you to be their friend. Click here to go to My Latest Piece where {CrypticSN} found you. I looked at the URL for the link, and it did redirect to “mylatestpiece.com”. Being the cynical “don’t click links in email” person that I am, I typed in[…]

Google Friend Connect – first (premature) thoughts

My thoughts are premature, because I haven’t actually seen Google Friend Connect (GFC; can I call it GFC?) in action, I’ve only seen the few screenshots that google has released. That being said, I thought I’d respond to my impressions or understandings of the service, before seeing what it really is. That way if I’m[…]