Facebook should take a page from Livejournal’s book on privacy settings

The first blog platform I used was Livejournal, back in 1999. One of the greatest benefits of LJ over Blogspot at that time was the rich community aspect: I loved how they handled “friending” and content permission. A decade later as I struggle with Facebook privacy settings, I find myself longing for the good old[…]

The Twitter feature I’d pay money for (Twitter, Tweetdeck, are you listening?)

Everyone has an opinion on how twitter can make money, some more creative than others. Twitter could choose to compel existing members to pay just by virtue of the role it now plays in personal and business communications, or they could add premium features. Why yes, I do have one particular feature request in mind…

Core Conversations at SxSW

Sessions at the South By SouthWest conference are classified as keynotes, solo presentations, panels, core conversations, book reading, or trade show events. In my initial planning of sessions to attend, I shied away from the Core Conversations, as I worried that the non-structured format would not offer the insights as more planned sessions. As it[…]

Scenarios vs Targeters in ATG

A key feature of ATG is personalization. We have had some internal discussion about “scenarios” versus “targeters”, and the appropriate use of each. From the 2007.1 documentation: How Are Scenarios Different from Targeters? Several features in the Scenarios module are also available in a different form in the Personalization module. For example, you can set[…]