The OPEN Imperative

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be spending the next two days at the iCitizen Client Symposium in Columbus, OH. I’ll be manning a table at the social media cafe dedicated to lifestreaming and blogging. I’m pretty excited about the symposium on the whole, as well as my part in it. In preparation for[…]

Fanfic, Schroedinger’s Cat and Anaïs Nin

It turns out that the Groundswell Social Profile quiz I blogged about earlier wasn’t an official Forrester creation. Rather, it was created by a fan – and you can read the official Forrester take on this on their blog. This raised an issue I read about earlier this week on ReadWriteWeb: Content is Becoming a[…]


We at Resource have been educated in the concepts pertaining to The Open Brand for months now. One of the premises in the book is that there are four different types of “iCitizens”, divided based on their motivations behind their online activities. We’d done some internal activities involving self-assigning ourselves to one group or another,[…]