Want effective online marketing? DON’T build a website.

At least, don’t only build a site. A decade or so ago, having a website was a huge marketing initiative. If an ad had a URL on it, people would check it out simply out of novelty. A website was a way to give people additional information on your products and services, information that they[…]

Lifestreaming at iCitizen

On May 20 and 21st, I was working at the “lifestreaming/blogging” station at the social media cafe at the iCitizen conference. The conference itself had the standard speakers and panels, and the cafe was a supplementary opportunity for conference delegates to learn more about, well, social media. There were four stations: “lifestreaming/blogging”, “community conversations”, “new[…]

Web2.0 activities — and by whom?

There was recently a post on ReadWriteWeb that referred to an article on Museum2.0, “How Much Time Does Web 2.0 Take?“. Lately I’ve posted a few times on the classification of user online behavior that was based on the individual’s motivation. In several cases, we examine users online behaviour and accordingly assign them to a[…]


We at Resource have been educated in the concepts pertaining to The Open Brand for months now. One of the premises in the book is that there are four different types of “iCitizens”, divided based on their motivations behind their online activities. We’d done some internal activities involving self-assigning ourselves to one group or another,[…]