Beyond Web-Safe Fonts

Have you ever wondered why most websites use the same handful of fonts? There are only a limited number of fonts that every computer ships with. These are known as “web-safe fonts“, and most developers stay within that selection to ensure a consistent experience for all site visitors. So how do you get beyond Verdana[…]


This morning Brian Morrissey asked his twitter followers “should an agency brag about its ‘new all-flash website?’. Before I read his post on AdFreak, I had no idea which agency he was discussing. Indeed, just last night my former colleagues at Resource Interactive launched their own site. However, having been there while they were working[…]

Making RIAs Accessible

My topic suggestion for Spring <br /> has been accepted. On June 3rd, I’ll be presenting the following: Topic: Making RIAs AccessibleDescription: Rich Internet Applications offer the site visitor a more interactive, engaging experience. But can this richness be conveyed to a user of assistive technologies, and how? This session will differentiate between DOM-based (AJAX)[…]