What would it take for you to consider web accessibility?

At Web Directions North ’09, Derek Featherstone presented on “Real World Accessibility for AJAX and Web Apps”. I had first tried to hear Derek speak on this topic back in 2007, so I was eagerly signed up for the 4.5 hr workshop. As Derek went through his presentation, I was surprised to see that several[…]

Artificial Intelligence: a solution for Artificial Content? (Fighting Hidden Keyword Spam)

I was recently doing some research for a blog post I’m writing on screen readers vs SEO for the RI:Technology Blog. A 2005 blog post by Matt Cutts from Google entitled “SEO Mistakes: Unwise Comments” solicited many concerns about the use of hidden content being considered keyword spam. There are plenty of legitimate reasons for[…]

For anyone interested in accessibility… interns blog about their experiences

(from the accessibility_sig mailing list) As part of a TCDD funded project called AccessWorks, Knowbility has been able to hire interns with disabilities to perform web site accessibility assessment, to research employment and disability related topics on the web, and to blog about their experiences. While our interns have found a great deal of documentation[…]

Second Spring <br/> Session

I just got tapped to do a second presentation at Spring <br />: Topic: Web Accessibility Acronyms (WCAG, WAI-ARIA, JAWS) – WTF? Description: It’s no longer enough for a developer to know Java, .NET, PHP, AS, HTML, CSS, JS, XML (insert other TLAs as applicable), now they’re expected to be experts on WCAG, W3C, ADA,[…]

Making RIAs Accessible

My topic suggestion for Spring <br /> has been accepted. On June 3rd, I’ll be presenting the following: Topic: Making RIAs AccessibleDescription: Rich Internet Applications offer the site visitor a more interactive, engaging experience. But can this richness be conveyed to a user of assistive technologies, and how? This session will differentiate between DOM-based (AJAX)[…]

Spring <br /> and Life Lists

In high school, I was very comfortable speaking in front of groups. I was in debate and drama, and had to do several presentations when I was an exchange student (often in French!). For some reason, however, when I got to University I developed a slight fear of public speaking. I struggled with an inability[…]