List me on Twitter

November 30, 2009

Earlier this month, Twitter introduced a new “List” feature. At first glance, it may seem that these are simply the official Twitter version of “groups” that different third party applications have been offering users for quite a while. But there are some key differentiating factors between groups and lists.

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Is “Login with LinkedIn” Imminent?

November 27, 2009

Will we soon see “LinkedIn Connect” join the ranks of Google Friend Connect, Facebook Connect and MySpace ID? Do we need such a thing?

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Introducing my two favorite Directors of Emerging Media

September 2, 2009

Last year at South by Southwest I met up with former co-worker Dan Shust and had the pleasure to meet David Berkowitz. As we were discussing the particular demographics of different social networking sites, I realized they shared a fairly unusual job title: Director of Emerging Media. Unfortunately I didn’t think to snap a photo […]

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Intellectual Property and Public Disclosure

August 30, 2009

Before Facebook, my friends and I were all on LiveJournal. That was where we’d post updates or pose questions of each other. In 2002 (an eon ago in Web terms), a friend posted: remember.. when you and your friends were all talking about the future or whatever.. and everyone was trying to be all insightful.. […]

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Bot or Not? Twitblock identifies potential twitter spam accounts

August 26, 2009

In late July, Tim Whitlock released a new application called “Twitblock“. Twitblock assigns twitter accounts a “spaminess” score based on a number of different factors. The service is still in alpha and Tim is still tweaking the weightings, but he has posted a block post explaining the twitblock spam ratings. The service allows users to […]

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Forging your Ideal Career at SXSW

August 17, 2009

Last year I attended South by Southwest for the first time. I heartily enjoyed my time there and learned a lot (both through the content presented as well as through my own reactions to such). This year, I want to share what I’ve learned with others. If you think this is an interesting topic and […]

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In case of emergency, do not use Twitter

August 13, 2009

Over the past year, I’ve spoken at numerous conferences on how social media is impacting emergency preparedness and response. Often cited are the examples of where information was spread rapidly. One of the most frequently mentioned cases were the live updates about Terrorism in Mumbai spread through Twitter. Yet when I recount these stories, I […]

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Social Media is not Web 2.0. Or Web 3.0.

August 11, 2009

No one talks about Web 2.0 anymore. This may be because we now talk about social media, and at first blush, we may assume the terms are interchangeable. Sure, Web 2.0 was a great term to use to describe the evolution of Websites: from ‘Web 1.0’, when we went online to read, and ‘Web 2.0’ […]

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Selecting a communications channel

July 14, 2009

With today’s technology, we have the possibility of nonstop connectivity. When our closest family and friends are accessible via phone, text message, twitter, Facebook, email and IM – oh yes, as well as offline – how do we choose by which means to connect?

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