You Can’t Hurt Coke’s Feelings

February 19, 2010

As organizations increasingly turn to social media to engage with (or broadcast to) their audience, the etiquette for setting up a corporate account needs to be considered. Frequently, an organization will set up a company-branded Twitter account, complete with a corporate logo as the avatar and devoid of any sense of personality. This seems “safer”, […]

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Chipotle Haiku Contest

February 8, 2010

Win via Facebook Chipotle burrito prize Write, invite, vote-NOW! Chipotle just announced an online contest: today only, post a haiku on their Facebook page, and the haiku with the most “likes” wins. Chiptole commercials are always creative, and recently they’ve looked to crowdsourcing for content. This contest also takes the next step, encouraging hopeful winners […]

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Is the Comment Section for You or Your Commenters?

January 20, 2010

When I leave a comment on Ari Herzog‘s blog, I tend to receive a reply within a matter of hours. Yesterday I left a comment on Micah Baldwin‘s blog, and didn’t hear anything from him until this morning. I don’t know; perhaps he was just busy yesterday. But suppose this is part of a strategy: […]

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Numbers Lie

January 14, 2010

According to, as of November 2009 Facebook has 46% of the US market share of social networking site visits. Does that mean you need to have a Facebook presence, because nearly half the people you want to reach are on there? Well, is your target audience all US social networking site visitors? (This is […]

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Why Should I Fan Your Brand?

January 12, 2010

The other day I ‘fanned’ Heartless Wheels on Facebook. Heartless Wheels are a specific type of wheel used for roller derby; they are narrower and lighter than other types of quad wheels like Atom or Radar Wheels. Some of my fellow skaters use Heartless Wheels, but I don’t. So when I fanned them, one of […]

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Is there such a thing as too many comments?

January 8, 2010

Recently I was reading a blog post that sparked a thought in me. I felt compelled to comment; and honestly, this isn’t that frequent a response in me. So I started scrolling down to the comment section… and scrolled, and scrolled.. and scrolled. The entry box to leave a comment was at the bottom of […]

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Facebook: It’s Time to Enhance Events

January 6, 2010

Dear Mark and team, Please, forget the Newsfeed. You’re never going to please everyone. Instead, can you step it up with events? Events aren’t bad right now. The ability to see who else is attending, and share to my profile is great. But there’s so much more you could be doing…

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What is a “Popular” Post?

January 4, 2010

The other day, I posted a list of the Top Ten Posts on this blog. I used Google Analytics’ measure of “top content” to create that list. Top Content according to Google Analytics is page views. But does that really equate to popularity? Aside: Postrank tried to change our perceptions of “top” content, looking at […]

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Should Twitter be Banned at Conferences?

December 16, 2009

Yes, according to Joseph Jaffe. In episode JJTV #60, Jaffe pledges to personally escort disrespectful tweeters out of any conference he’s attending. It’s a known fact that I dislike online video, but I was curious to see what Jaffe’s reasoning was. Was it that attendees are too busy on their phone to be fully paying […]

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Career Advancement Core Conversation at SxSW

December 1, 2009

Back in a post last August, I asked you, my blog readers and twitter followers, to vote for my SxSW proposal: “Forging your Ideal Career”. And you listened! Today I’m very happy to announce that I will be speaking at the 2010 South By Southwest Interactive Festival. As I mentioned back in the blog post, […]

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