Social Bookmarking with the Mile High Social Media Club

On Oct 21, I attended my first meeting of the Mile High Social Media Club. The speakers were Brett Borders of Copy Brighter and Jason Cormier of Room214. They did a great job talking about social bookmarking. Their presentation was geared to a broad audience, serving both to introduce the topic and also to offer some more advanced tips and tricks. Brett was particularly engaging to listen to, as his enthusiasm colored his speech with comments that social bookmarking was like heroin!

You can view my live-time Twitter updates, which I tagged with #mhsmc. (not sure what the “#” is? Read my previous post “What’s the deal with hashtags on twitter?“)

The meeting was sponsored by filtrbox, although at Columbus web analytics Wednesdays meetings, being sponsored meant we didn’t have to pay for our own drinks 🙂 I hadn’t heard of filtrbox before, but many in the room had. It strikes me again that despite the fact we’re engaged in an online space, proximity and geo-location do factor into what we’re exposed to. I spoke with Patrick Cameron of filtrbox afterwards, and was quite impressed with their service. They do brand monitoring and classify their sources as mainstream, blogs or social media. Individual sources can be blocked, or ranked within the app as more relevant. The app was built with flex, and when one of the founders, Ari Newman, showed me an iPhone-friendly report I thought for a brief moment I’d met some geniuses who’d managed to get a flex app on the iPhone! Alas, the guys seem great, but they are mere mortals.

I met a few folks (Rod Saunders of HumanFlow and Jonathan Sackheim of The Booyah Agency.) I was both a bit embarrassed and pleased by the street cred I got when I said I’d been a DMOZ editor back in the day. Jonathan said he’d never met an real editor before!

I made sure to speak with Brett and Jason and thank them for their presentations. I also have to say that Jason Cormier of Room214 officially has the best business cards I’ve seen! It was fun to ‘talk shop’ with others interested in the social media space, but I also enjoyed getting to know the folks beyond that. Once again I’m struck by the friendly nature of Coloradans. It wasn’t long before I had recommended sites to see, and I really enjoyed speaking
with Brett about languages: he can get by in Japanese, took Spanish in school and is now learning Hebrew. We discussed how different languages can really affect how you see the world, and drew a comparison to programming languages.

I haven’t blogged much since arriving in Denver and working to get my feet beneath me, but I certainly feel renewed after the event. I have a few new ideas brewing, and look forward to exploring them here. I missed Refresh Denver last week, but Patrick of Filtrbox recommended I check out the Boulder Denver New Technology Meetup, so I may have to do that as well. I look forward to engaging with some new folks (since I can only participate in the Columbus Tweet-up virtually!)

6 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking with the Mile High Social Media Club

  • Andrea,

    I think you seriously upped your street cred by being a DMOZ editor!

    Our goal with “free” at this point is kind of loose, but we want to make the learning piece of it free, at least. I think its very possible that a free drink or two might be forthcoming, but, we’ll see where the SMC takes us. Right now its just a group of folks who are interested in finding out more, connecting with other locals and sharing our local expertise — and we’ve got a lot of it here in Colorado to share.

    • Hello Robin!

      I’m just joking about the sponsorship. If anything, I think that a financially-sponsored event may affect the overall credibility. It’s much more beneficial for people to learn more about a useful company than the one that is willing to pay for an audience.

      I’m VERY excited to get more involved in the community here. I’m not sure if you heard (as we didn’t get a chance to speak much directly), I just moved to Colorado on Oct 5th, so I am slowly becoming involved in the community. I certainly look forward to future events!

      – Andrea

  • Hey Andrea – good meeting you last night. My Google Alerts told me I got mentioned in your blog – thanks for the shout out. Although, based on the sponsor last night I think I’ll have to give FiltrBox a try since they dissed Google Alerts. I can’t have my tools be second rate you know. 🙂 And welcome to CO!

    • Hi Jonathan – I also just enabled the “doFollow” plugin on WordPress, so I believe you’ll get another link from just leaving me a comment.. enjoy!

      I’m also going to be giving FiltrBox a try – I think they were a great sponsor to have, it’s always useful to learn about new tools!

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