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I’ve noticed that @podcampohio has been following me on twitter for awhile, but hadn’t thought too much of it. Today, however, a colleague at work asked if I was attending this weekend. While I hadn’t really thought about it (and already have plans mid-day), I checked out the line-up, and made a quick decision to attend at least part of the event!

So Saturday will be a busy day for me, but there are a few sessions that certainly peaked my interest. Namely:

Managing Multiple Online Identities:
As if managing a single web presence (blog, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) wasn’t hard enough, some of us have more than one. In this session the group will explore reasons why some of us have multiple web presences as well as some strategies for managing them. I don’t have all the answers, but I know that the group will definitely have some great insights to share.

Strategies for blogging, podcasting and social network marketing
Wait a minute.

There is a form of marketing that involves consumers creating videos, podcasts and blog posts about your brand and distributing that content freely? And they don’t have to go through rounds of lawyers, executives and brand police when they are creating this content? And they do it without getting paid, on their own time and show genuine passion and interest in doing so?

And these programs enhance my search engine optimization, pay-per-click, online public relations and traditional marketing campaigns?

To top it all off, this form marketing is viewed as credible by consumers and has a measurable impact on my business?

Sign me up.

Social Media Marketing…working with consumers to create and distribute content about your brand is a powerful tool that smart marketers can’t ignore. In this session attendees will learn:

– How to build and execute a great social media campaign

– How blogging, and working with bloggers, can help a marketing program “go viral”

– The role podcasts and video play in online marketing campaigns

Orchestrating a Viral Explosion
Everyone wants the benefits of a viral campaign, but few people really understand how to put the pieces together to create the best chance for success. Find out the most common mistakes companies make when aiming to go viral and how a little bit of brainstorming can set you up for success. Jennifer Laycock will walk you through the actual brainstorming process she uses with clients to help you gather information needed to put things together. She’ll also help you learn to identify “key influencers” within your industry and will offer concrete tips on the best way to approach them with your campaign.

Can you make $ with facebook pages?
My Frank Sinatra and Stevie Ray Vaughan fan pages are growing at over 25% a week.

How are fan pages different from groups?
How do facebook page fans differ from group members?
How do you deal with an International fan base?
What does facebook give you in terms trends and stats?
Can you innovate a business model from inside facebook?
Find out the detailed results of a month long contest?

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  • This actually looks like a fairly good line up. Wish I didn’t have plans for the weekend or I might have considered making the trek out there.

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