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As always, some of the best outcomes from an event are a result of the interaction with other delegates. There is something special about a group of actively engaged, newly informed individuals. Going into PodCamp Ohio, I hadn’t been sure about the people I would meet. I wasn’t a podcaster, would I have things to share with my fellow attendees?

As it turned out, I was incredibly engaged and impressed with the folks I met. There were folks from a wide background, all united by their passion for social media. The entire conference was very engaging and social, including the automated podOhioCheckIn twitter feed. As I mentioned, the first session I attended was incredibly interactive, with the attendees offering their own best practices and advice. I enjoyed putting faces to screen names, and realized that there is an entire community of like-minded individuals here in town I should get to know!

As someone who has worked on fostering online community for a long time, I have weathered all the comments about how technology throws up walls between people. Rather than interacting directly, we’re sitting in rooms on our laptops or mobile phones. However, how we do we explain the coming together of this group of technophiles? One fellow had driven from Nashville, another is based in Berlin and D.C. The Internet is the communication medium that allowed these individuals to find this information, and brought us together to share and network.

While the day passed quickly and I know I didn’t meet as many people as I could have, I have confidence that we will all leverage these online tools to continue to communicate and share our thoughts and insights from PodCamp Ohio moving forward.

5 thoughts on “PodCamp Ohio Networking

  • I know, at least for me, that Podcamp Ohio was a great seeding place for future conversations, like this one we’re having. Even though I didn’t get to spend time with more people, I tried to make the conversations I did have with people meaningful.

    I’m ambivalent over whether there should be more social interaction versus live twittering/blogging/streaming/etc. I can see value in doing one over the other and in having both at the same time.

    Having the content available online provides a great reference and archive for the event. On the other hand, I love the more social aspect and am grateful that I wasn’t so connected online because I was able to meet even more people.

    Your use of social media will vary… and that’s okay. 🙂

  • You know, the thing that makes me love Twitter more and more is the post-networking from events like PodCampOhio.

    I was only able to stay for the first half of the day as I had to get home to my kids, but thanks to Twitter and Summize, I started following about 40 new people. I probably only met about a dozen folks in person at the show, but via Twitter, I have an ongoing chance to get to know them and thanks to Tweetups and other networking events, I know there will be plenty of other chances to meet in person.

  • That’s funny that it was only a half-day for you because for me, and for us, you were there the entire day! We spoke your name all the way through the following day’s brunch at the Hilliard Panera!

    We were all so impressed by your panel that we basically voted your session as best of show. And, we were super-impressed by not only your knowledge but your generosity with it.

    So, I am surprised you were there only a half-day since to me, you were there all the way through.

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