pimped out ads

I’ve been a google user since the last millennium. I’ve listened to “the search” on audiobook, read some old student paper by Brin and Page about some odd algorithm they referred to as “PageRank”. But I’ll admit it, the notion of a “pimped out search engine” to use “when your life depends on it” is intriguing.

The new ask.com tv ads are interesting, to be sure. I didn’t realize it was the creator of ask.com who starred in them, I thought he was just same interesting character:

In another ad, he talks about how if a bear is chasing you, you don’t have time to go to multiple engines. They’re funny, they’re just so random.

Ads are ads, they’re not going to get me to change my alliance to google. But the idea behind what ask.com offers IS intriguing. Categorizing, pictures and additional information.. wow, it’s web2.0 at its finest. Yes, the notion of folksonomies and tagging content is supposed to give the user some sense of ownership and community.. but then, doesn’t it make sense that it is the creator of ask.com that’s showing it to us? He is personalizing it. He is the connection that is gathering and organizing and sharing the information with us. It’s not some soulless “algorithm”.

Good job, ask.com. Kill a butler (excuse me, retire) and become MORE human in the process….