Use Gmail on a Mac? Get Notify. Now.

Dec 30, 2009 · 1 comment

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I first saw a tweet about Notify right before Christmas. With two gmail accounts I use frequently and a third I like to check daily, I was looking for a program that could let me monitor multiple accounts without needing to log in and out of each separately.

I downloaded the trial, and I liked the ability to monitor both boxes at once, but was frustrated that I had no way to reply directly, and clicking on a message brought me to whatever Inbox I was logged into, even if it wasn’t the one in which the unread mail was. So while I liked the ability to preview a line of email as it came in, actually logging into the account to be able to respond or read the whole email left me a bit disappointed.

Then I saw an offer for a review copy of Notify Pro, and expressed interest. And all those minor nits I had? No longer a problem. Notifypro

Notify Pro offers you a quick view, so you can read the whole email in the window, and even reply directly. So my issues about logging into the correct account are almost completely alleviated.

Now, this program isn’t quite perfect. Right now you don’t seem to be able to forward from the program, although you can “reply” and then change the address. Speaking of addresses; there’s also no way to tap into your address book, and email from a mailing list doesn’t show you who the actual sender is. But other than that, the program is really quite amazing. So much, that I also invested the $10 to get Notify Pro on my work computer as well: the additional features aren’t just worth having at home.

Notify is the most elegant webmail manager I’ve seen, making it simple to receive and respond to incoming messages. While there are a few enhancements I’d like to see, the program as it stands right now (particularly in the Pro version), stands to transform how you monitor your email.

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