my iNitial thoughts (my first iPhone)

So despite my frustration with the AT&T pricing model, I caved and got the iPhone 3G a few days ago.

This is my first “smartphone”. Prior to this I had a motorola razr 3, so I used the phone for calling, texting and the occasional photo. There was internet connectivity, but it was slow and painful.

So I got my new iPhone and right away loaded it up with the essentials:

  1. twinkle (twitter app) – for @afhill
  2. twitterific (twitter app) – for @afhill262
  3. pandora
  4. facebook
  5. wordpress
  6. AIM
  7. and of course, flashlight. but it’s dumb.

I synced up my two gmail accounts, and I’m good to go!

A few weeks ago, a friend who works at Verizon asked me why I wanted the iPhone, since naturally she has to speak to the same features with her suite of phones. It was hard to explain.. at the time I said the web browser, google maps and the pandora app 🙂 Yet I’ve very quickly been able to see that what I want this phone for is NOT to be a phone. I’m typing thing on my macbook pro, but I really haven’t been on the computer at home recently..

Now I can check my email and facebook anywhere. Google reader on the iPhone is a bit rough – when I’m reading through my feeds I like for it to be easy to post to share, tumble, or send to a friend, and I’m not so sure I have all those options available.

I will admit that one of my only concerns about the phone was the keyboard. I am a mad texter, and I am used to using the standard keyboard and predictive text by touch. I wasn’t sure how I would do with the screen. I will admit it takes some getting used to, but it hasn’t been too bad so far. My biggest complaint is actually the inconsistencies between the keyboard on safari and elsewhere.

In general, the primary keyboard has all the letters, and you need to switch to the secondary screen for all punctuation and numbers. In safari, however, I have the standard letters on the primary screen, as well as the period, forward slash and a “.com” button. These are great, and I keep looking for them when I text. Then when I am entering the email address for a contact, I have an “@” sign and a period, but no “.com”..

I also don’t like how the predictive text is an opt-out versus an opt-in. As I learn the keyboard, I’m looking at what I’m pressing, not what’s showing up on the screen. Sometimes (and not even that often), a suggestion is made. Unless I choose to stop typing and click the “X” next to the suggestion, what I’ve painstakingly typed gets replaced!

oh, and google maps appears to be broken. I used it once, and now when I try to launch it, it hangs and then crashes. Sad.

I know there had been some concern about speed or reception. I’ve had absolutely no problems in the Columbus, Ohio area.

I have noticed a few sites are still less than iPhone friendly (flash sites of course) and it’s helped me gain an appreciation for some different practices for design. Lately I’ll go to a site to try to find their store locator or contact info. While the safari browser is good, it’s still not an entirely enjoyable experience to try to navigate a fixed width, graphics-intensive retail site. Most notably, I hate trying to navigate down the page and accidentally, hitting a live region and navigating away. It does make me gain some appreciation for people who use screen magnifiers; only seeing part of the page at a time.

I see the iPhone as both toy and productivity tool. The interface makes even menial tasks more enjoyable. I’m not really one for silly game applications, but there are also plenty of those out there as well. I’m only a few days in, so perhaps this is still the “honeymoon” phase. Yet as it stands, I don’t anticipate being able to go back to just having a phone to make calls..

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  • If you are having issues with apps hanging, try restoring your phone to factory defaults and re-syncing. Just be sure you have everything you want backed up.

    I have heard rumors that for some reason, if apps are installed OTA they can cause issues. Several people have said after restoring and only installing apps through iTunes, many stability issues have gone away.

    If nothing else, a software update is in the works that is supposed to help with stability issues.

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