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Here are the slides from my second presentation from Spring <br />. Coming into this presentation, I was less nervous than about the first, which in some ways I believe contributed to a weaker presentation.
I had asked the conference organizers if I would have the same audience in the two sessions, and it was generally believed I would. As a result, I had expectations about a certain level of background information. When I started the presentation, I realized quickly that other than a few familiar faces from the morning, I was speaking to an entirely different group.

I did try to engage the audience a little, and learned a bit from them. Almost everyone in the room had done some flash, but only one or two had ever heard of the accessibility properties available. And whereas a few people in the morning session had indepth knowledge of specific screen readers, that was not the experience in this session. I asked if anyone had ever seen anyone use a screen reader, to little to no response. I got to joke “great, that means you’ll believe anything I say!” In retrospect, I think a session on how users use assistive technologies would probably be very eye-opening and interesting.

So here is the slide deck – as I said, it’s rather weaker than the one from the morning. I had weathered numerous questions in the morning, and had expected the afternoon to run similiarly. However, I think I only had a single question, so we breezed through it.

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  • Thanks for posting this. I have to give a synopsis of your presentation right now. Lucky for me you posted it an hour ago because my handwriting stinks.

    front row nerd

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