Lunch Forum – Access U

Over lunch we had a general forum discussion. There was one guy who used to work someplace in Texas and now works at google, said they were looking for accessibility expert web developers…. hmmm…. 😉 Jim Thatcher was also on the panel, as well as someone from Adobe, and a few other folks. Kelsey Rugers was on the panel, he gave the ‘accessible project management’ session this morning, and hearing him for just a few moments made me wish I’d attended that session. He is taking a group out for a dinner session tonight, I think I’ll have to go!
My previous beliefs as to the audience of the conference was confirmed when someone asked for a show of hands of how many people worked for the state; easily 75 – 80% of the group raised their hands. It’s interesting for me to come from the corporate standpoint. many of these folks have simply been thrust into the role of ‘webmaster’. I guess that also explains why so many of them are interested in making PDFs accessible, they’re not building web apps as we are.

Some general notes I took: (gasp! it was in an auditorium, I had to write by hand!)
— accessibility is not something to ‘tack on’, it needs to be part of the corporate culture. One suggestion is to make it a performance metric, part of the editorial process.

WEBAIM has an “8-Step Implementation Model“.