Leeds School of Business – MBA Orientation

This weekend is my orientation for my MBA program. Tonight I’ll meet my future classmates and we’ll get to work through our first “case study for fun”. Tomorrow we’ll meet our various professors and learn about the classes we’ll be taking for the next two years.

I thought it would be good to capture a few of my thoughts on this blog since it’s pretty well gone dormant anyway, but I’m not sure how long that will continue. While some of my thoughts may be of interest/assistance to others, I recognize that some things are best not left on a public forum.

We were given a case study to read in advance of our meeting tonight. It was on a subject I’m familiar with, and I found myself adding in opinion based on information not within the case itself. I have no idea if that’s appropriate or not… is the purpose of this assignment to look at our critical thinking skills based on a defined body of knowledge? Or is this document simply a starting point? I suppose that’s the purpose of the assignment, so we can figure out what to do before we have to do it for credit!

Coming from a computer science background, I am aware of the subtlety of “right and wrong” versus “optimal” solutions to problems. I’ll be interested to learn how this plays out in business school..

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