It’s Just a Phone!

Today my new Nexus One arrives in the mail. I’ll admit, I’m a bit apprehensive about it. I’m nervous about giving up my iPhone.

What? Really? It’s just a phone!

But I think most of us who have one know, it’s not just a phone. When I got my iPhone 3G a year and a half ago, it was really a bit of a status symbol: you stood apart as an iPhone user. Now there is really much more of a community feel. People TALK about their phones and their apps. Even as every user has a uniquely customized phone, there is some shared experience there. Yes: there is a reason why every book about User Experience talks about Apple. What Apple delivers is much more than a device.

But, I took the plunge after hearing just too many good things about the Nexus One. So Ari, you’ll get your wish and I’ll stop writing about my iPhone. There are obviously features that have caused me to make this change, but I have to admit, it’s not as easy a decision as you’d expect. It’s just a phone!

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  • Ditto, let me know how you like it. I met with a friend over tea today and I shared that many people I know were ditching their iPhones for Androids and Droids. She couldn’t understand why they hated their iPhones. I explained it’s because of a mix of poor coverage, dropped signals, and applications. Is that about right?

    I still have my BlackBerry Curve.
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  • Honestly, I like my iPhone. It’ll be hard for me to give it up. I wasn’t actively looking for an alternative, but many of the features of the Nexus One (wow, it will be hard for me not to call it the NOne) sounded really compelling, and they aren’t available on my iPhone 3G.

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  • Personally, I think it’s over-hyped and it’ll be missing some features you’ve become accustomed to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’ll be a good phone, it’ll get some decent apps, and Google Voice will finally have a mobile carrier.

    At least your contract is up – because you know how many people are canceling their iPhone 3GS contracts to get a Nexus One (and I’m betting they’re going to whine when the iPhone 4G is released, too).

    Oh, and if Philip K. Dick’s estate has their way, it may be the NOne and not the Nexus One.

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  • Gee Andrea, phones to you must be like shoes to some women. I usually keep my phone until the contract runs out and then get a new phone with the new contract, whatever’s available. To me a phone is just a phone. Must be because I have my iPod Touch 😀
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