Incase Power Slider iPhone Case a Must-Have for Power Users

You may have seen me last week at SXSWi; I was the one with the big iPhone.

incase power slider front viewHa ha.

Well while it appeared the majority of attendees at South by Southwest Interactive Festival had iPhones, I was one of the few who came prepared for the data-intensive event with the Incase Power Slider Case.

More than a few people asked about the slider as I pulled out my phone: it’s fairly large (to support the supplemental battery), but not as heavy as you may suspect. Since I tend to throw my phone in a purse anyway, the larger size isn’t an inconvenience; if anything, it’s easier to locate.

I consider myself a fairly aggressive iPhone user (my data usage for February was just shy of 400MB), and I’ll admit I was concerned about the conference ABC rule: Always Be Charging! But between the Incase Power Slider and changing my email settings to ‘push,’ I was able to sail through the conference only charging my phone every few nights.

incase power slider bottomThe Incase Power Slider has its own battery that is charged via USB; you never actually need to charge the phone directly. The supplemental battery then constantly keeps the phone at full charge (until its own juice runs down). This is convenient, but does mean that your phone is not being synced with iTunes as if you were charging it directly. It also seems to take a very long time for the charger itself to charge completely (there are a number of lights on the back to illustrate how full of charge it is). Even without reaching a full charge, the Incase Slider has all but eliminated the end-of-day low battery warning I used to see so often.

The case isn’t cheap – it runs $79.95 at the Apple Store – but it’s certainly useful. I’ve read of other (temporary) battery packs that extend the length of the phone, but I like the idea that this is now part of my device, not simply something I add on for an emergency fix. The Incase Power Slider is a great tool for the power iPhone user who wants the freedom that a mobile device SHOULD offer!

One thought on “Incase Power Slider iPhone Case a Must-Have for Power Users

  • One of my coworkers recently purchased this and brought it in to work. This is very innovative and forward thinking design. I love it and will be buying one! Only one thing missing that means a lot to me, there is no way that this will fit in any of the belt clip phone holders. You need to make another product to holster this phone into. It should be designed so that the phone is sideways on the hip and not dangling like a blackberry. Broke way too many clips with dangle phones.

    Word to the design team for the holster…we need it yesterday!

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