{insert witty title here with ‘flex’ in it}

I’m working on my first flex interface, and a few questions have come up. I am going to store them here and then I can also document what I find.

  1. is there such a thing as ‘float’ in flex? I have seen some references to ‘fluid’ positioning, but nothing along the lines of the css ‘float’. I don’t want to start going back to grid or absolute positioning..
  2. how to embed/position background images within elements? I have seen Embed, but it’s not clear to me if there is the ability to specify whether the background should repeat, or how specifically it should be displayed as the background
  3. how is the opacity set? When I specify colors of components, they are overlaid over others, which changes the colour actually displayed…
  4. toggleOnClick (in a toggleButtonBar) lets you select and deselect a button, but if you deselect, clicking again does not reselect unless you go to another button, then come back. Huh?????

(So far I’m learning by experimenting with the Flex 2 Style Explorer and the Flex Eclipse plug-in.)