Social Media Confession: I Hate Online Video

Yes, I know that as a good social media aficionado I should be following Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee on twitter). He’s an Internet celebrity, largely as a result of his daily webcast about wine, and is recognized as a visionary in the arena of online marketing and social media.

viddlerI’ll never learn much from Gary directly, since his medium of information dissemination and my preferred medium of information gathering aren’t the same. Try as I may, I can’t bring myself to watch online video (other than silly parodies like those by the Sarcastic Gamer.

With the glut of information now available online, the means of delivery is just as important as the information itself. As I mentioned in an earlier post about personalization, while our goal for a particular site visit may change, we all have preferred learning styles.

I know that online video is expected to explore in the next few years, with eMarketer predicting that 88% of Internet users will watch online video at least once a month by 2012.

emarketer online video usage chart

However, I’m not one of the majority. I attribute my aversion to a few factors:

  1. I read quickly, but video takes the speed of information out of my control
  2. I typically have the sound on my computer turned off (still recovering from too much “embedded background music” on websites in the ’90s)
  3. My background in accessibility still causes me to see video as inaccessible (to search engines as well as users of screen readers)

Sure, I can turn my sound on, and my concerns about accessibility don’t actually affect my own ability to watch videos, but my aversion exists nonetheless. I know that creating a YouTube Channel is an increasingly common social media strategy, but it’s not one that appeals to me personally.

When coming up with strategy, are you offering visitors more than one way to access your content?

5 thoughts on “Social Media Confession: I Hate Online Video

  • I’m also in the minority here, mostly because of reason #1 above. Sometimes I find myself trying to force-feed it because everyone swears it’s THE form of content going forward.

  • Hello,
    I think people must be free to choice, not to force to video, or text or images, I prefer the multi-medium. The problem is that we are in a world where all visual is dominant…

  • I’m right there with you on 1 and 2, but I’ve been coming around more and more to video. I still prefer to read (errr… skim) my news and I’m not going to seek out videos as a source of entertainment, but I have found it valuable a few times recently when looking for information about a particular subject or trying to find out how to do something.

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