How I Spent My Stimulus

I haven’t done a site review on my blog for quite awhile, in part because often now I simply write a tumblr post to point the site out. However, I just read about and decided to make an exception.

First off, I read about this site in the Columbus Dispatch. It was developed as a not-for-profit site for people to post pictures and stories about how they spent their $600 or $1200 economic stimulus check. The site is very low-tech; people fill out a form, upload an image or provide a link to youtube. The site maintainer manually reviews each submission (weeding out those that are deemed inappropriate) and posts them. The site looks and feels like a blog: there are posts, categories to filter by, “featured posts”, and ways to comment and share posts.

It’s simple, timely, personal and engaging. The economic stimulus check ties together many of us who live and work in the US. Here is a simple way for us to further connect with that community.

The maintainer isn’t looking to get a chunk of anyone’s check through paid submissions or advertisements, and the low-tech nature of the site (the FAQ tell anyone wishing to make changes just to email him) makes it feel authentic. This isn’t a slick site only for the best written stories: this is for every man to be able to tell his story.