How Facebook Could Make Pages Better for Administrators

Hey Mark,
How’s it going? I promised you another note when I wrote earlier about events, so here it is.

I wanted to share some ideas with you about Facebook pages. I know this has been a work in progress and I hope you’ll consider some of these suggestions.

  1. Let administrators post as themselves – we all know social media is supposed to be about individuals engaging, right? So how come when I post on the page I administer, I cease to be a person and start to be my organization? It’s kinda creepy. This is particularly important when there is more than one admin, and any responses seem fragmented. Why not let the posts come from “Andrea (Org Admin)” rather than “Org”?
  2. Let me know when people post to the pages I administer – I love the notification at the bottom of my screen when someone posts on my Wall, why not also let me know when someone posts on a Wall I’d administer? Yes, it could mean a lot of notifications, but it also means I’m better able to engage with my fans.
  3. Let me share items to the page I administer Right now I can share to my profile, or send a message. Why not make it easier for me to share to the page I administer, spreading information more easily across the site?

Thanks guys, you’re doing a great job, keep it up!