Google “optimizing for mobile”

Lately I’ve been doing some reading on mobile apps. I came across a review for Cameron Moll’s Mobile Web Book on 456 Berea Street and then today I stumbled upon an article on “How to make any website a mobile site, with google. The results are pretty interesting! It’s interesting to see how the People’s Choice Awards site, which is very graphic and flash-intensive, came out [link here]. I was happy to see that the entire manifesto on the right was showing up in text — we used the SWFObject technique which had the content written to the screen and then replaced with the flash via javascript. Obviously, this mobile version doesn’t support javascript (or flash) but the content is still available. Nice!

We had had some questions about whether or not google would be able to access/index this information, but my impression based on the fact this came from google is that it is available to them. Good to know!