Franklin: applying tomorrow what you learn today

The franklin university slogan used to be something along those lines. the idea is that it’s a school for working adults that focuses on practical knowledge.
Last night in my project management class, we were speaking about communication plans. The professor has a wonderful chart he likes to show in the best method of communication based on the communication goal. I am a technical person and don’t often get to have direct customer contact, however, an issue recently came up that intrigued me, and I asked if I could contact the individual directly.
I had initially planned to email him to have a record of what we discussed. Then I went to class, and we discussed the merits of a telephone conversation to a) convey detailed information b) assess commitment c)mediate conflict so I decided to call (in part to to show our dedication to responding to his concern) and then follow up with email.

As it turned out, the call went well. He was very open and easy-going: the call went very differently than I had been anticipating. My initial email draft had been quite formal and apologetic, but when I spoke with him, the conversation took on an entirely different tone. I was very glad I had picked up the phone and engaged him in the dialogue rather than simply sending something off into cyberspace.

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