Flash — not just for intros

I’ve started doing some reading up on flash, and I’ve found a few tidbits that’ve surprised me. No, flash is certainly no longer simply for splashy intros!

  1. Flash can tell if a user is using a screen reader. Sure, only a screen reader that supports flash, but the reference I found mentions Flash 6, so I’m thinking the article is several years old and support has but increased. I know the question of being able to detect a screen reader has been brought up before, but I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It seems like new age browser sniffing to me and I worry about the opportunity for misuse, where a non-flash site would simply check to see if a screen reader was being used before shuffling the user off to some minimalistic site.
  2. The FlashXMLHttpRequest object may be used to handle cross-domain requests.

That’s a far cry from my work morphing balls into boxes..!